Tell us about your new single Wildlife.

‘Wildlife’ is the first single from my debut EP which I’m super psyched about. It’s an anthemic coming of age alt-pop track that explores themes of realities of growing up, that I wrote at the beginning of 2020, and then worked closely with producer Ruiner to bring to life. It’s full of soaring synth lines, hard hitting gang vocals and stadium esc drums.

Where do you get your inspiration for this song?

‘Wildlife’ is really me looking back on being a kid, when I’d play make believe in my front garden and my imagination would run wild, dreaming up stories for myself, when I just wanted to get out into the world. It’s written to myself reminding myself not to lose that feeling, that fire….in a world where sometimes it feels like it’s just trying to squash you down, or you’re running out of time. I think the production really reflects this sentiment as well as there’s a real urgency and anthemic feel to it.

Will there be a music video for Wildlife?

Not a specific music video, but definitely a very cool visual and some live videos are also coming out soon as well which I’m really excited about.

When can we expect your next EP?

The EP will be coming out in late spring next year, no date confirmed yet but hopefully May time! But there will definitely be a couple more singles out before then.

What can we expect to hear on your new EP?

Definitely a bit of a new sound and a more solid direction for me, the other tracks on the EP are more electronic and have a hip hop inspired feel to them. It was great fun working on this EP and it’s been a big learning curve but I’m so proud of what myself and my producer RUINER have created!

Where can we see you perform next?

I’m currently in rehearsals to get a live set together so hopefully at some point next year, but I’ll keep you posted!






Release Date of Wildlife - 4th November