Chiny - "Winds" REVIEW

Chiny Logan’s new track ‘Winds” is a wonderfully bittersweet blend of pop and electronic music, that touches on themes of change, loss, and searching for acceptance. The song begins with a call and response between a beautifully soft lead vocal and a distorted second voice, which captures your attention instantly, and gives off the impression of an internal dialogue and conflict within the narrative character. The melodic conversation between the voices carefully leads you to the poignant lyrical hook “Funny how the winds change”, which then throws you headfirst into the drop of the track. Chiny Logan has chosen to use an array of intricate electronic effects to build up tension throughout the song, but is also unafraid of stripping the instrumentation back for moments of emotive lyrical importance. Due to the ambient nature of the track, “Winds” would make a great accompaniment to a playlist for a long drive, or even a chilled night in. “Winds” was released on the 25th September, 2020, and is now available to stream on Spotify. You can listen to it by following the link below:

Spotify -

The track's beautiful, new official video, made by Charllotte Klein, is also now out on YouTube.

Written by Chloe Leigh Thomas