10 QUESTIONS WITH Torrid ( A Love Affair )

Alex Humphrey Photography (Insta @alexhumphreyphotography)

How did the band get together?

It started in 2018 when I (Sarah - vocals) wrote a song called Good Enough. I played it to my friend who encouraged me to do something with it. I reached out friends on Facebook, and Adam (Guitar+ BVs) got in touch. We jammed a few ideas and soon we had enough songs to attempt forming a whole band! Again through Facebook, Lorna (Bass+BVs) and Will (Drums) responded to adverts and we met for drinks. Our first studio rehearsal flowed beautifully and the songs just sounded right. And we've been together ever since! Tell us the meaning behind the band name!

We wanted something unique, interesting, poetic and sensual (like us ). Ads, Lorna and I were rehearsing for an acoustic set and I was teasing them for starting a love affair (I can't remember why!) Then we just simultaneously shouted "Torrid!" and then I added the (A Love Affair) to make the full band name

Use three words to describe your music!

Heavy, melodic, meaningful What’s your favorite song to perform live?

We often get lost in the harmonies we create! We've played 'I can't be Beautiful' acoustically and as a full band, and we sing 3 part harmonies through the bridge which just sound epic! We also love Ads playing trumpet on Neanderthal (A Self Portrait), he's so talented! What's the best thing about festivals?

The excitement and vibes are almost tangible at festivals! That feeling you get when you hear your favourite song live or you fall in love with a newly discovered band - there's nothing like it!

Dream festival to attend or to play!

Definitely Download or Glastonbury in the UK. There's some amazing European festivals that would be fab to play too.

Where can we see you play next!

Our next gig is at the Off The Record festival in November, but we're working with other local bands to put on rock nights around Sussex very soon!

Tell us, one artist, you are listening to right now!

There's so many awesome bands out there! We have an abundance of talent in Brighton, bands like Fall of The Ziggurat, Damn Shebangs, Fukushima Dolphin are all doing amazing things! Other bands include: I prevail, Escape The Fate and Spirit Box.

Who would you like to collaborate with the most?

So many influencial bands to choose from!! Skunk Anansie, Queens of the Stoneage, Taylor Hawkins, Tool, Muse....Any of these would make us very happy!

What are you working on next?

Well, we released our first single, Hold Over Me earlier this year, and since then we have been producing our debut album! We've just been signed to the Lights and Lines music label which is just so exciting, and with their support we hope to release it early next year! Like all bands, we just want to play our music, so more gigs would be amazing! We will be releasing a 2nd single later this year so follow us on the socials to hear it first!


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Alex Humphrey Photography (Insta @alexhumphreyphotography)