10 questions with Krapka;KOMA

How did you get into creating music?

Krapka: To be honest I don’t remember :) I remember how I realised that even though I played classical piano for 7 years and passed Grade 8 with distinction, I couldn’t create my own melodies. I was invited into the pop band and they asked me to come up with a piano part and I asked, where is sheet music? :D At this point I understood that even though I can technically play nearly anything on piano, I was afraid to compose. I was sure that if I cannot create something as beautiful as Chopin I mustn’t even try. The turning point for me was studying commercial music at the University of Westminster - the amount of confidence and encouragement I received from my mentor and lecturers is just priceless. I’ve started creating instrument melodies, vocal parts, full compositions and even singing and writing lyrics (something I never anticipated would happen).

KOMA: My very first compositions came from school years. I wrote some dreamy sad guitar pieces to the girls I liked, but who never liked me back :D Then, when I was 20, I started learning drums, and got into my very first rock-band. Further, my music path, as a drummer, has been unfolding through various genres, from rock to jazz, playing in various bands, attending workshops and jam sessions, learning and gaining experience. One of the milestones was participation in a theatrical performance as a character/musician, which resulted in a huge influence for further self-realisation as a well-rounded musician, willing to create and produce own artwork merging electronic sound with acoustic touch. And that’s where I met Ira. So, finally it felt like the ideal moment for creating our own music.

Where do you get your inspirations from?

KOMA: From suffering :D Really works well for songwriting. Other than that, from books, theatre, travels, favorite artists, favorite people and from Ira hehehe :) I adore her enthusiasm and frankness in everything she does.

Krapka: I don’t believe in inspiration :) It doesn’t work for me anyways. I believe in a process and discipline and I believe that once you set your mind on something - you just have to sit down and start the process, the rest will come around and you’ll find the way to make it happen. Maybe it’s my commercial music background speaking haha, but acquiring this set of mind has made me very productive creatively. My motto is: ignite the inspiration with your action :)

Use three words to describe your music!

Grace & cosmic reassurance.

What’s your favourite song of yours and why?

KOMA: Sweet Distraction. From the very first seconds of this track I submerge in some deep mesmerising world, which I find quite meditative; maybe because of a continuous sub bass sound.

Krapka: For now it’s our latest single “Ghost” feat. JAGARA. I get goosebumps every time I hear Jane Edmonson’s (JAGARA) beautiful and powerful vocals and also I’m happy I could play a little piano solo on that song - KOMA helped me come up with the piano solo part and it was very sweet of her.

Tell us one artist you can listen to right now!

KOMA: Oscar Jerome

Krapka: Arlo Parks

Who would you like to collaborate with the most?

The vocalist of Submotion Orchestra - Ruby Wood, we really like her gentle vocals and we would be honoured to complement her voice with our music.

Where is your favourite place you have ever performed?

KOMA: FestRepublic. This is the big venue in our city, where we had our very first concert. It was quite emotional as we were playing our very first songs, created just a week or two before, in front of about 300 people; besides, there was a cool light, we had our own sound engineer, photographer, videographer and booking agent. We still consider it our most successful concert.

Where is the one place you dream of performing?

KOMA: Any concert that will take place on the beach :D

Krapka: The Roundhouse in London, I was performing there as a session keyboard player once and would like to return there with our own project now :)

What are you most looking forward to in 2021?

To the end of lockdowns, obviously. And start touring again!

What are you working on next?

Over the period of December-February we are planning to release a series of winter instrumental beats - a sequel of Quarantine Beats which we released in Spring 2020 during the first lockdown.

We also want to start a vlog about women in music, where we’ll invite female artists in order to interview them and share their experiences with the audience. Still think of a name for this program.

Besides, currently we're focusing on taking part in as many online international showcases as possible in order to widen our network, acquire new creative connections and keep our performance activity alive.


The latest release “Ghost” in collaboration with a British singer JAGARA:

Live video of us performing the new single “Ghost”:


EP “Time’s Not Real”:

Comic book (merch):