10 questions with Kandur

How did you get into creating music?

When I was a teenager I had a band, we were trying to play covers but we weren't good players, so I started writing songs that resemble the stuff we listen and want to play, but easier to play and sing. There you have it - If you can't play other people's songs, you write your own songs that you can play and sing easily. When I realized how much I enjoyed writing songs and making records I never stopped. Where do you get your inspirations from ?

Lately I've been looking inward for inspiration, maybe just because there is nowhere else left to look right now. Even though we all live very different lives, I believe that if we put our individual thoughts and experiences through the correct lens, we can see the universal truth that enables us all to relate to one another. That's why I've been examining my feelings and memories to find that. Lyrically the feelings I got after moving out of the US and trying to find a new place to call home, reconnecting with people and places I thought I left for good, isolation because of all these lockdowns and the current weird state of the world inspires the songs I've been writing for the past year or so.

I think that our surroundings subconsciously inspire us, that's why I try to curate everything I interact with so that it pleases and improves my taste, I guess that's why I chose to live in an aesthetically pleasing city, in an apartment that is from 19th century, I play a beautiful guitar that is older than my dad, and I refuse to wear sneakers or pretty much anything other than boots no matter the weather.

Use three words to describe your music!

Late 90s Alternative What’s your favourite song of yours and why?It changes from time to time, but recently I really like my song "Save Me". Studio version of that song is heavy, aggressive and probably my best recorded performance, but recently I've been playing an acoustic mellow version of it that totally became a song of its own rather than just an acoustic rendition (you can find it on my youtube ) Tell us one artist you are listening to right now!

I'm listening to a lot of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club nowadays. Especially their latest release "Wrong Creatures" has a great sound, love the way it makes me feel.

Who would you like to collaborate with the most?

I'd love to do a music video with Samuel Bayer, he created the visual identity of 90s & 2000s rock n roll that I grew up with and directed some of my all time favorite music videos, it'd be a dream come true to collaborate with him. I see music videos as my weakest side as an artist. I wish I had better music videos. Coming up with ideas for a video that isn't just a band performing, for songs I wrote is extremely challenging for me.

Where is your favourite place you have ever performed?

I love playing in places that aren't venues. I recently performed in this weird abandoned factory's 4th floor in Lviv, Ukraine where I currently live. It doesn't even have a name, it is that cool, perfect place for secret shows, got lots of dust and concrete, it had great natural reverb. The stage was just some pallets stacked up under a giant hand sculpture hanging from the ceiling. Venue-wise I have to say I always loved playing in San Francisco's Bottom of the Hill, it's a legendary venue, all my heroes have played there and I always felt welcomed there. My friends shot some footage at one of my shows in Bottom of the Hill and we made it into a music video for my song Sail Away

Where is the one place you dream of performing?

I'd love to perform in those late night tv shows. I missed my chance for Letterman, I hope I can make it big before Jools Holland stops making Later... What are you most looking forward to in 2021?

I really look forward to being able to travel freely and see my family and friends in Turkey, US and Europe. Going out, having a nightlife, getting back on the road and on the stage, going back to the studio to continue working on my solo stuff and playing bass for my metal band Lostpray. Other than that I can't wait for summer! I'm in Lviv now and it's still snowing in mid April. After living 5 years in San Francisco without winter, I'm still having a hard time adjusting back to cold weather.

What are you working on next?

So many things in parallel right now, because I was idle for almost two years. I'm finishing writing songs that'll go into my first live recorded longplay album. Also have a couple tracks I've recorded back when I was in SF but haven't released them yet, wanna make a compilation album that features those tracks along with other songs I've recorded in Fantasy and Atomic Garden Studios. I have some home recordings I made almost a decade ago that stood the test of time for me and want to release those as well. I'm very into this NFT trend, wanna do some limited NFT releases that'll be accompanied by vinyl records. I'm also getting ready to launch some new merch that's a little different from standard boring band merch, this'll be more like launching a rock'n roll inspired fashion brand that's merged with my music. Like I said, too many things at once but times require those. I enjoy doing it all and can't wait for it all to be finished and released!


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