10 QUESTIONS WITH Dead Reynolds

How did the band get together?

We have all been playing in the Cambridge/Peterborough & Norfolk indie/rock scene for years in different bands - most notable Phoenix Calling, Damaged & The First. When these bands came to an end Dom decided to continue with Phoenix Calling and recruit new players and as Luke G was the tour drummer he stayed on board. After reaching out to Ben, Callum and Luke they all decided to join and at that point we decided to change name and start again! Luckily the record label backed the decision and so Dead Reynolds was born

Tell us the meaning behind the band name!

Choosing a name is so hard and we had weeks of throwing names around! It was the day we heard Burt Reynolds had sadly passed away and Dom literally said "Have you heard about Dead Reynolds?" Callum instantly said "Thats it!" and it just stuck! We originally thought it might be a lit risque but we are all Burt Reynolds fans so we ran wit it!

Use three words to describe your music!

Best played loud

What’s your favorite song to perform live?

By Your Side - very feel good song, crowd can sing along and we get to rock out!

What's the best thing about festivals?

Well now they are on again we are pleased to get back in a field with people so it has to be people!!!! However the range of over priced food is great and the 3 min sound check you get is equally up there! Just kidding we love a festival and a few coming up!

Dream festival to attend or to play!

Both to play and attend - SlamDunk! Love that festival as its still small enough but always attracts such great bands - seen some big bands there just before they have broken!

Where can we see you play next!

Thurs Sept 16th at our album launch show - Dukes Head Ballroom, Kings Lynn, Norfolk.

Tell us, one artist, you are listening to right now!

We all listen to different things but there is an 80's inspired band called Lebrock we are supporting soon which we are loving. Really feel good, movie soundtrack, hook heavy songs! check them out

Who would you like to collaborate with the most?

For very different reasons! Hayley Williams and Charlie Simpson

What are you working on next?

We will be writing new stuff towards the end of the year for an EP out next summer but until ten the album that comes out in September will keep us going!!!