10 questions with Chloe Leigh

How did you get into creating music? I started playing music at quite a young age - I have a vague memory of my feet not touching the ground when I sat down to do my grade 1 piano exam - and I think I've always enjoyed creating things musically. But I would say my songwriting properly took off when I started singing lessons at The BRIT School, and my teacher Sam Marlow inspired me to try and start writing. I had joined the school as part of the Technical Theatre Arts course (now called Production Arts) thinking I'd go for a career in something backstage, but once I started writing songs, I fell in love with it and never looked back.

Where do you get your inspirations from ? Lyrically I take inspiration from a range of different things, but mostly from my own personal experiences and the people around me at the time. It's been interesting writing over the lockdown period as I have had less of an opportunity to find these nuggets of inspiration that I would normally find in the world around me, and instead have found myself diving into past experiences or even thinking forward to the future to help me write. I take a lot of inspiration from folk music, as I just adore the storytelling element to the songs, and over the last year I have also been listening to a lot of Spanish music to help me bring a bit more of my roots into my writing. Use three words to describe your music! Cathartic, sincere & Spanglish. What’s your favourite song of yours and why? I think my favourite song of mine at the moment is House by the Sea. I wrote it over the first lockdown and it's inspired by a holiday that my dad and I took to Sifnos in 2019, and all the beautiful houses we dreamed of one day owning. It's a fairly simple song, but whenever I sing it cheers me up, and reminds me that even if things might be a bit tricky at the moment, better things are on their way. Tell us one artist you are listening to right now! The Staves, their new album, Good Woman, is just wonderful. Who would you like to collaborate with the most? It would be a complete dream to collaborate with Laura Marling or Frank Turner. They've both been massive inspirations to me and my writing. Where is your favourite place you have ever performed? I have so many fond memories from gigs, but one of my favourite places has to be the Treehouse Stage at Shambala, it was certainly the tallest I've ever felt whilst performing, and the atmosphere was just wonderful. Where is the one place you dream of performing? I would love to have the opportunity to play at Union Chapel one day! What are you most looking forward to in 2021? I'm looking forward to seeing the world return to (hopefully) a bit of normality, and am very much looking forward to gigs and festivals making a comeback. I've booked tickets to see Beans on Toast as my first gig back, and I'm beyond excited.

What are you working on next?

I'm currently in the process of recording my second EP, which I'm hoping to release in the summer of 2021. I'll also be releasing a track off of the EP called Momentos Asi as a single in April hopefully too.

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